Why it works

While conducting research, SWIXR found that schedule and pay are the leading causes of unsuccessful employment matches. Research shows 84% percent of employers and 93% of candidates find that they are unable to align on schedule, pay and other key attributes after they start communicating with each other. This creates wasted time, effort and frustration for both. In a competitive job market, this can feel defeating and an endless process, while employers incur costs promoting their jobs and paying for each job candidate.  

We at SWIXR believe aligning candidates and employers on the most important things early on and engaging immediately fosters the highest likelihood of matching and success for both.  

Our job matching platform uses your own schedule and pay to show you an exact percentage match, while considering schedule constraints for candidate (child care, school etc) and required schedule for employers and a number of other factors. We also recognize there is flexibility on both sides and account for that too!

 In short, we do the heavy lifting for you, so you can simply focus on your match numbers and starting chatting!  

SWIXR job platform
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