The Tyranny of Job Descriptions

Hiring for hourly jobs has become a frustrating experience for both employers and candidates, be it a restaurant, warehouse, hospitality position, or any other business. An average job description runs anywhere from 250 to 500 words. What do you think a candidate does when looking for a job? Do you think they are reading your entire job description with benefits?  

Here’s some quick math, if a candidate reads a full job description of say 5 jobs every time they were searching – they would be reading 1250 to 2500 words. That’s close to a chapter of a book! 

Imagine a candidate looking for a job and having to read each job post with so many words? What do you think a candidate is really looking for?  

Here’s the reality:  

A candidate when looking for a job – primarily for hourly jobs is looking for a few key facts first. They want to know the pay. Are there pay differentials, bonuses or other financial incentives? They want to know what schedule you’re expecting them to work. They want to know how much flexibility you have in those things.  

Great! Once they know that – what’s the next most important thing? The next important thing for them is to consume your information in byte size chunks – not read a long wall of text. In the mobile era where over 72% are browsing on their mobile, presenting your information in a consumable way becomes even more critical.  

Are we saying Job Descriptions are bad and shouldn’t exist? No! Far from it. The key question here is when should it be presented to a candidate looking for an hourly job? What’s the order in which information should be presented? 

We at SWIXR feel that the current modality of job search for candidates is broken. This in turn directly hurts the employers who are hiring but lack effective tools to present their jobs to candidates.  

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