CRM vs Applicant Tracking Systems

An effective CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) serves as a powerful front-end to making sure your candidates see ALL your jobs in shot. It matches and drives the candidate to the job that’s best for the candidate and you, the employer. The candidate shouldn’t need to click around reading job descriptions. So what’s an effective CRM? 

First let’s look at issues with your Applicant Tracking System …  

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) serve an important purpose in hiring hourly associates. They help you track the status of an applicant through the hiring steps of your organization – completing required forms, running and tracking background check statuses etc. Here’s the issue with ATS’.  

X They force a serialized approach both for the candidate and the recruiter.  

X They don’t facilitate an efficient engagement with the candidate. 

Most importantly …  

X They have a significant impact on the Job consideration and first action of the candidate 

When you consider the fact that most job descriptions are too long for a candidate to get through, this results in a significant impact and loss on your job being considered. Read our blog post on job descriptions here, they’re not efficient.  

The Result?  

X Your Candidates are only at most considering 1 job (if you have multiple) or not considering your job at all 

X You have to attract 5 times the number of candidates increasing your marketing costs by atleast 300%.  

X You have an upwards of 90% candidate loss, adding to your ~68% application incompletion rate.  


To mitigate candidate loss and maximize your job consideration for each candidate you attract, you need an effective CRM – to Maximize your job consideration with one shot  


What’s an Effective CRM? 


A CRM is the first contact of a candidate in consideration for your jobs. A candidate generally makes a consideration decision in first 23 seconds of skimming through your interface and reading through job titles. They’re deciding whether it’s worth spending their time exploring your jobs or moving on to another site.  

How? And Why SWIXR ?  

  • It shows your candidates multiple jobs (Already Matched for them), revealing the most important information they care about. They’re not clicking through links and Job descriptions.  
  • It lasers them to their highest match based on key information about the job and the candidate job search criteria.  
  • A CRM with an AI like SWIXR – shows them scores from 0 – 100 and just by looking at scores, they’re focused on the highest match job. 
  • Scores drive them to considering multiple jobs – they know you have multiple jobs that match their criteria and something should click – Without going through the Application process first.  
  • They can chat and engage with the employer immediately!  

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