Candidate Retargeting

Enterprises that handle >5000 applicants per year (this means most medium and large businesses) struggle with candidate acquisition costs. From the time you attract a prospect and get your first touch your candidate loss starts accelerating.  When you add in getting them to apply, completing an application, no shows for your hire appointment and no shows on day one, the math starts exploding.  

Most organizations are struggling with candidate acquisition costs and costs per hire.  

Our candidate retargeting program is built for you. We partner with you, so the effort and costs you’ve already invested in candidate acquisition can be supplemented with a partner like SWIXR. Think of us as a supplementary staffing arm of yours, who will partner with you on the candidates you’ve already touched and our candidate retargeting technology, including matching intelligence will nudge them back to taking one of your jobs.  

Our ultimate shared goal is to reduce your acquisition and hiring costs with Candidate Retargeting!