Tired of submitting resumes with no response?

Set your desired pay, schedule, and flexibility; we’ll show your Flexible and Perfect Match Scores. Why waste time filling out multiple job applications and submitting resumes when you can instantly match with a job and start chatting today! 

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Tired of playing resume roulette?

With only your schedule, pay and flexibility, we’ll show you candidates with Perfect and Flexible Match Scores. No need to pay every time you’re interested in a new candidate. Just post a job and start chatting right away!

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Enterprise Products

Geo Elasticity Analytics
Enterprises like yours are often left wondering whether they are competitive in every labor market. Truth is labor markets are wide gradient of colors from Green markets all the way to flaming Red. Our geo elasticity analytics can help you.
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Candidate Retargeting
Enterprises that handle >5000 applicants per year (this means most medium and large businesses) struggle with candidate acquisition costs. Our candidate retargeting product can help you.
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APIs and Integrations
SWIXR is built to augment your Applicant Tracking System. Our efficient and easy to use APIs allow seamless integration.
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